She’s My Mother

All this time, I never enjoy going to the shopping mall to buy clothes or pants, but I have no choice since my body grow higher and bigger. As I wish to have an athletic body just like the soccer player.

During my college years, my mother always sent some new clothes for me every year. I guess my mother didn’t want me to buy clothes myself. Maybe she doubted my ability to choose the color, size, or the model that would suit me.

One time, my mother visited me in Bandung. I took her to a shopping mall. Of course she offered me some clothes that I might like. Since I felt like a grown up, I refused the clothes she picked. I kept on thinking, “Why she must do the picking. I am an adult now. Not a little boy anymore!”

And then, we came to one store that was having a big discount. I entered it excitedly. There I found a clothes that I really liked, and then I asked my mother to buy it for me. But she refused because she didn’t like the color. Everybody was looking at us while we were arguing about the clothes I like.

I really upset about it, but as I thought about it, maybe my mother only try to choose the best clothes that I could get. She would really want to see her “little boy” dress properly. Cause I’m the one who’s going to make her proud.


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